S2 E6 Red Flags You Are Dating a Player,Types of Players and the Effects on Women with @PlayerProof

Red Flags Your Dating a Player | Mr n Mrs Romance

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Dating a Player

In this episode we welcome, Derek Wellington, a reformed player and author to the show. He is the author of Player Proof. When his beautiful daughter was born five years ago, he realized that Karma had a sense of humor. Over the years, he’s seen many women left heartbroken after getting involved with Players aka Bad Boys. So, he sat down, and wrote everything he knew about Players, the mental games they play, how they seduce women and how women can protect themselves. More importantly, he shares how to quickly determine if you’re dating a man with long term potential or just a Player.  If you’re a single woman trying to navigate the dating minefields, or if you have a single female friend, sister, or daughter, you need to pick up this book, Player Proof. In this episode we’ll be talking about How To Player Proof Your Dating Life by spotting the red flags and identifying the types of players looking to score.

We look forward to having you join us…

AND make sure to bring protection!

Derek Wellington_ PlayerProof

To learn more about our guest, Derek Wellington be sure to visit his blog, Player Proof, follow him on Twitter and Like him on Facebook.

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  1. Great interview! I loved it. Very real, blunt, and educational. None of us have the time to play ourselves with false dreams. This will wake you up! Thanks again for inviting Wellington to your show.

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