S2 E5 Being a Real Man, Real Woman, and Sex Dwindling in Relationships with @ChopperPapa

Real Men, Real Woman, and Sex Dwindling w/ @ChopperPapa | Mr n Mrs Romance


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Sex Dwindling in Relationships

It’s our pleasure to welcome Kyle Bradford to the show. He is a divorced father and founder of the website ChopperPapa.com, ‘High octane observations on manhood, divorce, relationships, fatherhood, and other ‘Intellectual Roadkill’. He also hosts a podcast, Fatherhood Wide Open, ‘Intelligent conversation on issues facing fatherhood and masculinity with the people who think and write on them.’ He lives, writes, and works in Atlanta, Georgia, and in his spare time scares old ladies and young children courtesy of a custom chopper. In this episode we’ll be talking about what it means to be a real man in today’s world, who’s responsible for sex dwindling in relationships,  and how that resonates in the world of relationships.

We look forward to having you join us…

AND make sure to bring protection!

Kyle Bradford @ChopperPapa on Mr n Mrs Romance Podcast

To learn more about our guest, Kyle Bradford be sure to visit his blog, Chopper Papa, follow him on Twitter and Like him on Facebook.

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